RAC - Random Acts of Commerce

What is Random Acts of Commerce?

Random Acts of Commerce (RAC) is a new program designed to highlight Yukon Chamber of Commerce businesses.  Each month, we will randomly draw one business from our lovely jar of members.  The lucky winner will be featured on our social media, e-newsletter, and in the Yukon Review.  They will also be the subject of a quick video interview with our CEO, Kinlee Farris.  Any Chamber of Commerce member in good standing is eligible to win, but only once.  RAC will help fulfill our vision of being your connection to businesses, community, and success, and is yet another way to “Rock the Return on your Membership Investment”!




October 2016 RAC Winner –

First United Methodist Church, Reverend Dr. Greg Tolle

Congratulations to Yukon First United Methodist Church for being the October 2016 drawing winner for Random Acts of Commerce (RAC).  The church has been an active Chamber of Commerce member for over 8 years. The church began to take shape to 1891, when missionaries were sent to Yukon via the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference. The following January the first church structure was erected at Fourth and Elm streets. As the years passed, the building was replaced and expanded to accommodate the church's growing congregation and ministries.  The Senior Pastor Reverend Dr. Greg Tolle came to Yukon in June 2016, and is a native Oklahoman. He has been in the ministry for 30 years, serving as a youth minister for 9 years and a senior minister for 21 years. 

Originally, Rev. Tolle was pursuing a mass communication degree when he had a clear call to go into ministry.  His father was a minister so he had a good idea of what that meant.  Because of that, he was reluctant at first.  However, he now knows he is where he is meant to be.  “I’m still in communications, but my subject matter has a greater importance than a news story or promoting a product,” Rev. Tolle explained.  He has great experience in growing churches, relocating and expanding churches through building programs, and even writing and publishing 4 books of preaching resources.  In his spare time, he is a self-proclaimed “couch potato sports fan”, following OU football and basketball, the Dallas Cowboys (even in the bad years), and the OKC Thunder.

The Yukon First United Methodist Church is an extremely friendly church, as evidenced by polls recently taken of members asking why they joined the church.  Rev. Tolle constantly hears that their congregation’s friendliness has drawn many people to their church family.  They have many wonderful ministries for all ages including their top-notch pre-school program First Kids.  Their worship is inspirational and encouraging as well.  The two words Rev. Tolle used to describe First United Methodist Church is “grace filled”.

As a result of the church’s robust growth, they will begin offering a second worship service in the spring of 2017.  They are targeting March 5 as the start date for this new, modern worship service that will be less formal and traditional.  Designed to appeal to a wider group of members, the new format will be led by a worship band and be more media driven.

When asked what he likes best about the community, Rev. Tolle responded “I like to say that Yukon is the tale of two cities.  There's old Yukon, which is represented by Main Street and Route 66.  It maintains a small town charm with things like the Czech Festival. Then there's I-40, which has a more suburban feel and offers stores and restaurants you come to expect in a metro area.  In that respect, Yukon offers the best of both worlds.” 

We truly appreciate Yukon First United Methodist Church’s commitment to spreading the good news and supporting our community.  The Yukon Chamber of Commerce wishes you continued success and growth!

Address:  400 Elm Ave., Yukon, OK  73099.  Website:  www.fumcyukon.org  Phone:  (405) 354-8858.  Email:  [email protected]





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