Development Services

The Development Services activities are guided by state and local laws and such documents as the

  • General Plan
  • Zoning Code
  • Permits
  • Licensing
  • Building Codes
  • Storm Water
  • Flood Plain
  • and city ordinances. 


In addition the Code Enforcement Department handles citizen based complaints and or concerns.  They are corrected through personal contact, letter or public abatement.  Code enforcement issues include private sites in need of weed abatement, removal of abandoned vehicles and trash issues.  The Community Development staff is the responsible liaison for the Board of Adjustment, and Planning Commission.  These commissions meet once a month if they have an application. 

The Community Development Department coordinates and monitors the entire city plan check process.  It is also responsible for the administration of the building, electrical, mechanical codes, plumbing codes, including the issuance of permits and field inspections of construction work for compliance with applicable codes. 

The Department has implemented a proactive code enforcement program that has increased the level of compliance throughout the City with applicable health and municipal codes aimed at improving neighborhood safety and livability. 

The Community Development office is also responsible for registering businesses, and all general contractors.  When planning a building project it is important to contact the Community Development office to see if your contractor is registered and if any permits are required for your project.

Visit Yukon Development Services Office more information.

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