Member-to-Member Discounts

Member-to-Member Discounts

Save Money and Increase Visibility

Yukon Chamber of Commerce’s Member-to-Member Discounts are a great way to draw more attention to your business both offline and online. Your business gets extra exposure with an additional category listing... free advertising and your fellow chamber members save money.

The Member-to-Member Discount program provides chamber members with easy and direct access to some of their most important prospects – the Yukon Chamber of Commerce members.

All members, in good standing, are eligible to participate in the program. It’s easy… and it’s free!

Here’s the easy part:

  • Offer a discount off your standard customer prices or offer a free product or service.

  • Submit your offer and you’re done.


    Here’s the free part:

  • Your offer will be listed on the Member-to-Member Discounts listing. Your offer will be displayed on the Member-to-Member Discounts web page at, Member Benefits, Save Money. In addition, your discount office is hyperlinked to your website… ALL FOR FREE!


Please fill out information below and list Discount offer in comments section. Discounts can be 10%, buy one get one free, $25 off, free admission, etc.)

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