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Historical Landmarks

One of the best known landmarks in Yukon is Yukon’s Best flour mill (The Mill) on Route 66.  The Mill was re-lit in 2013 by Friends of Yukon’s Best. Projects to improve the mill continue to be pursued. Landmarks for the old Chisholm Trail are found at the tree original watering holes and crossing along the route through town.  One watering hole is on the Kirkpatrick homestead on Vandament, just east of Garth Brooks.  The Chisholm Trail legacy of the longhorn cattle drives on the major cattle trail’s main branch is kept alive through the local Chisholm Trail historians, J.W. and MaryJo Parker.  Historic homes of the original founders are found scattered near the original downtown area on Main Street, which is historic Route 66.




Yukon's Best Railroad Museum, 3rd and Main, features historical train cars while the Yukon Farm Museum at 3rd and Cedar has historic tractors and equipment.   Also, visit the Yukon Historical Society Museum and Art Center at 601 Oak Street.  It features a replica of businesses on Main Street and a complete history of the town. 


Yukon Veterans Museum

The Yukon Veterans Museum focuses on educating the public and our future generations on the sacrifices of those who came before us.  They work to share the freedoms that our veterans fought and died defending as representatives of our great nation.  These incredible sacrifices allow us to live in the manner that we do today. The City of Yukon Veterans Museum is located at 601 Oak Street.  Museum hours are Saturday and Sunday from 12 pm to 4 pm.  For more information, visit the website at  or for a special opening, contact Rick Cacini At 405-517-1901 or Tom Thomas at 405-501-3404.



Route 66 and Historic Downtown

Running through the heart of historical downtown Yukon, opportunities for fun abound on Historical Route 66!  Every kind of activity can be found… skating, outdoor activities, celebrations, festivals, edible entertainment, shopping and countless others! The City of Yukon began in the late 1800's and has plenty to offer in historic areas. Located along Route 66, downtown Yukon includes a number of shops and restaurants, and it also features historic homes of the original town founders. The downtown atmosphere comes to life with music, dancing, food, vendors, culture and local color at one of the many festivals Yukon has to offer! Soak up some Western culture as the Yukon Roundup Club hosts the local rodeo on Route 66. Come explore Yukon on Historic Route 66!



Yukon’s Best Main Street

Yukon’s Best Main Street is an organization with the mission of revitalizing Yukon’s Main Street on historic Route 66. Join them for several events on Main Street throughout the year, including Main Street Shopping Mobs, Main Street Lunch Mobs, and more. They support Main Street businesses and giving back to a great community.


Express Clydesdales of Express Employment Professionals
As you head west on old Route 66 through Yukon take a side trip to visit the beautiful Express Clydesdales located on Express Ranches just north on Garth Brooks Boulevard at the Wilshire Boulevard intersection. The Express Clydesdales are housed in a specially reconstructed barn originally built in 1936. A group of Amish barn specialist came from Indiana to rebuild the barn structure. Now the barn is a beautiful
welcome center for visitors from around the world and features gleaming pine walls, walnut trim, brass coach lights and hosts numerous events that includes birthday parties and weddings throughout the year. From the loft, visitors have an expansive view of miles and miles of the rolling hills of Oklahoma farm land.

Serving as ambassadors for Express Employment Professionals, these rare black and white Clydesdales weigh between 1,800 and 2,300 lbs. each. Looming over other horse breeds, Clydesdales mature to an average height of 17 to 19 hands, which is about six feet from the ground to the horse's shoulder.

The world-renowned Express Clydesdales have been competing and touring in North America since 1999 and continue to win numerous competitions. They won the 2015 World Champion Eight-Horse Hitch competition at the World Clydesdale Show in London, Ontario. For more information about the Express Clydesdales visit



Czech Hall

In 1899, the members of Lodge Sokol Karel Havliček and WFLA Lodge Jan Žižka No. 67 joined together and built a hall where Czech people could meet and socialize.  In 1901, the Yukon Czech Hall was built on land donated by local Czech immigrants.  The building, Yukon Czech Hall, has been the center of Czech-American culture in Oklahoma as well as serving as a social center and meeting place for non-Czech residents of the surrounding community.  It is a National and State Historic Site.  Over the years, Yukon Czech Hall has hosted lodge meetings, Czech plays, Czech language classes, and polka dances.  A polka dance has been held at YCH every Saturday night since 1930; the dances are run by the voluntary efforts of the members of the two aforementioned lodges and are always open to the general public.  A live band plays for every dance, and children age 13 and younger are admitted free!  Additionally, the Hall is available for rent to anyone in the community (except on Saturday night, of course!).  Literally hundreds of weddings, receptions, anniversary parties, family reunions, and birthday celebrations have been held at Yukon Czech Hall, both as a private rental and also during a Saturday night dance.  The entire focus of YCH is twofold—to preserve the Czech heritage by sharing it with everyone AND to be somewhere that history, families, and friends always have a home and place to be together.


We hope you and your family and friends will come and enjoy the Saturday night activities featuring polkas, waltzes, ballroom dancing, two-steps, and folk dances such as the Chicken Dance.  We are located at 205 N. Czech Hall Road, which is 2½ miles south of the stop light at Main Street and Cornwell Drive (Cornwell becomes Czech Hall Road south of Yukon); and yes, the road is named for us!  Everyone is always welcome.  If you would like more information, please call 324-8073 or 721-4396; if you call ahead, we will do our best to help you with dance lessons if you need them.  If you are interested in renting our building, call 945-0670. Also, please check us out on the web at and on Facebook.

YCH has always been and will always be a place where families and people of all ages can come to have a good time.  We are truly a hidden treasure of Yukon.



The Arts and Humanities Council provides art and cultural event for the community with a Showcase of local talent, photography exhibits, concerts, and stage productions to name a few.  


AMC West End Pointe 8 Theater, 12825 NW 10th, Street, Yukon – For the show times and information, visit,


Yukon BMX Raceway

Operated by the Yukon Parents and Riders Association, the Yukon BMX Raceway is located at Lewis Carroll Taylor Park on 11th Street. Spectators can watch any race for free, and first time riders can try out the track for free as well. Even experienced riders can learn more about racing, and the BMX race season runs from January 1st to December 15th each year. The track is located at 410 N. 11th Street.


The parents, riders, and sponsors have worked very hard to develop Yukon BMX Raceway into a great quality track. The raceway offers one of the best tracks in the area with quality racing and great family atmosphere.


Mollie Spencer Farm (previously known as Kirkpatrick Family Farm)

The site for a number of annual Yukon events such as the Easter celebration and the Chisholm Trail Crawfish Festival, Mollie Spencer Farm is a 33-acre farm that opened in the early 1900's. It hosts numerous community events throughout the year and is a fun place for families.



The J. Calvin Ball Field

The J. Calvin ball field is home to the Spirit League for children and adults with disabilities. Located in the Louis Carroll Taylor Park at 410 N. 11th Street, this unique ball field is made of recycled rubber and is wheelchair accessible. The league opened in the summer of 2008 beginning with 20 players and has grown rapidly offering fun opportunities for those with disabilities.


Chisholm Trail Park

Of the many Yukon-area city parks, Chisholm Trail might be the highlight. In addition to being one of the best places to walk and run in the metro area, thanks to its well-decorated, boot-shaped path, Chisholm Trail Park is the site for annual favorites such as Yukon's Concerts in the Park series and the Freedom Fest July 4th celebration. It also has several pavilions and a look-out peak.


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